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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Songwriter AI?
Songwriter AI is an AI-powered songwriting assistant that can generate complete songs in any genre. It creates original lyrics, song structure, BPM, provides production tips, notes, and much more.
What genres can Songwriter AI handle?
Songwriter AI is designed to handle any genre of music, from Rock, Pop, Country, Jazz, to Hip-Hop, Classical, and many more.
How does Songwriter AI create original lyrics?
Songwriter AI uses advanced language models and machine learning algorithms to generate unique and original lyrics based on a given theme or mood.
Can Songwriter AI provide song structure?
Yes, Songwriter AI can suggest a song structure, including sections like intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, and outro. It can also provide the bar count for each section. Different genres have different song structures, and Songwriter AI can generate the most common song structure for each genre.
Does Songwriter AI provide BPM (Beats Per Minute)?
Yes, Songwriter AI can suggest a BPM for the song, which can guide the tempo and rhythm of the music. BPM is based on the genre of the song. We use a BPM range for each genre, which is the most common BPM for that genre.
Can Songwriter AI provide production tips and notes?
Yes, along with generating song components, Songwriter AI can provide production tips and notes to assist in the song creation process.
Can I modify the output of Songwriter AI?
Not yet, but we are working on a feature that will allow you to modify the output of Songwriter AI.
How accurate is Songwriter AI?
While Songwriter AI uses advanced algorithms to generate song components, it's important to remember that songwriting is a deeply personal and artistic process. The AI can provide a solid starting point, but the final touch and feel of the song is ultimately in the hands of the artist.
Is Songwriter AI free to use?
Yes, Songwriter AI is free to use. However, there is a daily limit of 15 queries per day. If you need more queries, we will provide a paid option in the future.
Can Songwriter AI replace human songwriters?
No, Songwriter AI is a tool meant to assist and inspire human songwriters, not replace them. The AI can generate ideas, but it's the human artist who brings emotion, personal experience, and unique artistic vision to the songwriting process.

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